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Merano inspires biking fans

Biking in and around Merano: an adventure for active travellers and those who are looking for a relaxed holiday. On the mountain bike or on the racing bike, the region of Merano is perfect for staying fit, mobile and healthy in the heart of nature. All a biker needs is offered in the bike region Merano. So let’s get started, mount that bicycle and start your sporty holiday! Here are some tour proposals for all levels:

In Merano
Merano is a junction of several biking routes, for example Route 2, Route 3 and Route 4 as well as soon to be finished biking trails to Lana.

Connection Resia – BolzanoConnection Resia – Bolzano: coming from Lagundo, we reach the biker’s bridge, cross the river Passirio and follow the trail through Via Selva and Toti. Turn right into Via Tennis and continue to Via Gampen. Crossing the street, we reach the existing bike path to Sinigo. There is also a connection between the bike bridge across the Passirio and Maia Bassa station in order to support the use of public transport and bicycles, and to create a connection to the routes 2 and 4.

Connections Resia – Passirio / Bolzano – PassirioConnections Resia – Passirio / Bolzano – Passirio: for the first half, the trails comply with the connection Resia – Bolzano. From the junction of Via Petrarca / Via Leopardi on, we keep going north and follow Via Leopardi to the river Passirio. We cross the Passirio, turn right into Via Carducci and reach the “Stone passage” through the city. After crossing it, we pass the block to the left and reach Via Passirio and the bike trail to San Leonardo (Route 3). 

Naturno – Merano
Naturno – MeranoThe distance from Stava to Naturno can be mastered on the lightly trafficked street to Cirlano (on the orographically right side of the Adige). In Cirlano, the route passes the lower church wall, after 200 m we reach a junction. The passage is closed for trucks and leads directly to the sports fields of Naturno (1,5 km). Here we turn left and continue until we reach the bridge which joins the bike path to Merano. It leads along the Adige (orographically left) through Rablà and ends in Tel. At the height of the watergate, we cross the main street and go to the Lido di Lagundo (2,4 km).
With approx. 200 m of height difference, this trail is very difficult in the opposite direction. The fabulous view of the Merano basin and the surrounding mountain scenery makes you forget all the effort.
Continuation of the bike trail: Route 1.

San Leonardo – Merano
San Leonardo – MeranoThis widely natural trail is used by bikers, pedestrians and to some extent by horse riders. We leave San Leonardo through the underground passage of the bypass road, continue along the left shore of the Passirio and proceed on the diverging route at the Sandhof (place of birth of Andreas Hofer). After crossing Via Passirio, we arrive at the wooden bridge at the sports area of San Martino. We continue in direction Merano and cross a creek and the Ponte Passirio. On a tarred street near Mora we reach a steel bridge which we cross. Through a lowland forest, we arrive at the golf area near the Quellenhof. After crossing the next wooden bridge the path leads downwards to Saltusio. After the parking lot and the valley station of the Hirzer lift, we follow the Passirio on the left shore to the sports centre of Rifiano. The bike path is completed until this point, but it is possible to continue the ride to Lazag. After reaching the “Waalweg” we follow its way and cross the Via Passirio in order to reach the Passer Promenade. After crossing the “Stone passage” we turn left to medieval Porta Passirio and reach the Old Town of Merano.

Merano – Gargazzone
Merano – GargazzoneComing from Merano, the finished bike trail ends at the Ponte Adige to the MeBo freeway in Sinigo. From here, bike trails and lightly trafficked paths lead to the Via Nazionale and to Postal. At the Junction at the Hotel “Weißes Rössl” in Postal, the bike trail starts again. It leads along Via Stazione to Postal station (approx. 1,3 km). The route has no distinctive level differences and there are many feeder roads.

For the short excursions in between
For the short excursions in between
Guided hikes
Guided hikes
Beautiful vistas
Beautiful vistas
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